Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lets make Love Rocks

Hello, friends! I am so thrilled to share this joy-filled project with you today. For years, I've enjoyed painting on the little rocks that I find on the beach, but last week, a dear friend and I spent an entire afternoon adding a whole new dimension by pasting paper, fabric, and found words onto them! It was the most therapeutic afternoon - spilling our hearts out onto these rocks. It is something I've become a little bit obsessed with lately - so much so that now, anytime a friend stops by my house I shoo them into my studio to create with me - it is that fun, fast, and easy! When we were finished creating these tiny masterpieces we drove into town and left them for others to find! I love the idea that just the right person will find the rock with the message they most need to see. Here is how to get started making magic: First, Gather your supplies!
You will need:
Rocks (These can be ones that you find in nature, or even purchased at the dollar store!)
Found words (I absolutely finding words and phrases from old books that I don't mind cutting up) Mod Podge

Next, let your heart guide your hands as you begin pasting color and messages onto your rocks. They can be as simple or as decorated as you want them to be!

Once you have a handful of rocks finished - it's time to start spreading joy! We left our love rocks on a bench overlooking the ocean, on someone's doorstep, outside of a coffee shop, on a staircase leading to the beach, with the barista who made our delicious coffee, on a picnic bench at a park, and in the grocery store parking lot...the possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

finding space to create

Back when it all began, (that is- my love affair with art) I would spread out my paint bottles and brushes, bits of paper, and washi tape all over our dining room table. We rarely ate there anyway, and I loved watching the birds dance with the wind from that particular window. It was almost as if they were teaching me a bit about letting my soul out to play on each canvas that I'd drip and spill paint over.

Declaring a space that allows us to get downright messy in the art of making is so vitally important! It says to the universe and to yourself that what you are doing matters. (Because it really, truly does!)

After countless hours of creating at our dining room table, it became clear that I needed a more permanent space. While I loved being so integrated into the happenings around our home - I longed for a space where I could get as messy as I wanted and not feel obligated to clean it up (...ever;)). So these days I'm creating joyful messes in a spare bedroom in our house. I have big dreams of one day having a little art studio nestled in the trees above our house, but for now, I love being so close to my family. It makes sense during this season of my life, since most of my creating happens when my son naps! But the point is: where you choose to create doesn't matter - what matters is that you create.
And we all need space for this!

You will probably notice that when you dedicate a specific space for the making of your art, you will create more frequently. Not only will it beckon you to come and play, but for practical reasons - it's just easier when everything is already set up and waiting for you! 

You will probably also notice that once you are all set up and spending more time with your craft that you feel all around lighter, brighter, and happier than before!

Tips on finding a space to create:
1. Make it your own! Hang favorite art on the walls, (or even PAINT on a wall - Alisa could teach you a thing or two about that! ;)) display objects or photographs that mean something to you or evoke feelings of inspiration and joy.
2. If you can, choose a space with gorgeous, natural lighting! There is nothing more delicious than making art in natural sunlight. Creating near big windows is my favorite! I love to feel as close to nature as possible when I paint, so for me this is huge.
3. Start small and basic. If you find yourself stressing over a lack of space, or if you just don't know where to start - remember to keep it simple! A small table nestled somewhere that makes you feel inspired is really all you need. It doesn't matter where you choose. Just choose it!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wanderlust {2017!}

Friends, I'm so thrilled to share that I am a teacher over at Wanderlust {2017}!

Wanderlust is an incredible year long journey- an online offering of videos, access to a supportive and inspirational community, and amazing activities to ignite a creative spark that fuels you + encourages you to simply enjoy the process of making art... + so much more!

Click here to learn more + reserve a seat!
See you there! xoxo

Monday, May 30, 2016

new art!

Over the past few months, in the hours when my son naps, I've been pouring out my heart + soul onto canvas. I'm so excited to share these new originals with you! (you can purchase here! )


Thursday, February 25, 2016

sketching intentions for the year

Awhile back, I had the incredible honor of guest posting over on Alisa Burke's blog about sketching intentions for the year - I wanted to share with you here in case you missed it! A new year is so exciting to me. A clean slate. A fresh start. Endless possibilities! It is my absolute favorite time to dream + plan – and I do this by setting intentions. Setting intentions is a wonderful way to hold yourself accountable and declare your dreams to the universe! Here are my best tips for creating your own intentions: 1. Spend a few days really digging deep into your heart + soul. Think about what you’d love to do over the course of this coming year. Make a list! 2. Find a special place to record + document your intentions. For me, I used the first page in a brand new journal. But you might like to display yours on your bathroom mirror or even frame it on your nightstand! Think about a place where you will see it daily and stay inspired to work towards those dreams. 3. The sky is the limit! Here’s your chance to get expressive and doodle your heart out! Your doodles can be as simple or intricate as you want them to be – let loose and have fun with it! Choose materials and colors that feel good to you. Do you have a favorite pen or pencil? Use it! Do you want to incorporate your favorite colors? Go for it! Maybe you’d rather create a collage from magazine clippings to depict your intentions. Really let your creative soul have fun with this. There are no rules!

I've been doing these for the past few years and is so much fun to look back and see how much you've grown!
Have you already set intentions for 2016? I would love to know! xo

love note revolution

Is there anything quite as fun as opening up your mailbox to find something bright + cheerful inside? A little reminder that someone has been thinking of you? (I will answer that: I don't think so! Well, I actually love the art of SENDING mail just as much as I love receiving it. But you get the idea). I recently posted this photo on instagram and was THRILLED to see that there are so many wonderful souls out there who love sending snail mail as much as I do! You guys rock.
Lately I've been cutting up magazines and paper and collaging love notes to send to my people. Cutting and pasting. Seriously one of my favorite ways to relax. 

Want to join in on the love note revolution? You can check out a bunch of my love notes here! 

Wishing you a beautiful day, friends.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

love, always

Happy Valentine's Day beautiful friends! xo