Hello! I’m Mary. I’m an artist, wife, and mama living in a magical town on the Oregon coast where the forest meets the sea. I’m a professional joy-seeker and believer that all of life is art (yes, you too!).

It is important to me to look for beauty everywhere – especially in the ordinary, everyday moments.

As a little girl I believed the truth that I was an artist, and would spend hours painting, drawing and dreaming - and then somehow, somewhere along the way, that belief was buried deep inside. I spent my early adult years attending college at Oregon State University obtaining degrees in Interior Design and Psychology, and working as a designer. It wasn’t until about five years ago that I finally picked up a paintbrush and gave in to my soul’s longings to get my hands messy with paint (again). You guys, in this moment, I heard angels sing. My heart cracked wide open, as if communicating to me– so THIS is what it feels like to be alive! I’ve been creating to my hearts content ever since.