Tuesday, October 30, 2012

halloween house

halloween. the best holiday.
candy. costumes. little doses of spooky. what could be better!

here are a few halloween details around these parts:

ummm, i'm sorry - could this be any cuter? i think not. it's like this pairing was a match made in heaven. i found the book at our local thrift store this spring. at the time, i had no idea how perfect it would be for halloween!

 this is one of my most recent art pieces, by the amazingly talented diana sudyka. i'm keep this print up year round, but it does have a certain spook element, doesn't it!

orange twinkle lights. need i say more?

happy halloween, friends.
hope your day today (and tomorrow) is spooktacular!


Monday, October 29, 2012

like layers

yesterday, the hubby and i braved the pouring down rain and set out into the woods.
the leaves overhead acted as a giant umbrella.

i've always wondered if my love for the rain comes from growing up here in oregon, or if it is just in my blood. but i love it. the way it smells. the way it feels after is soaks my hair.

it occurred to me, in the quiet, that the beauty of autumn i love so much is a lot like layers in a painting.

 the colors. the foliage. the rain. the flocks of geese in the sky. layers upon layers of goodness.

tyler knott gregson said it best: 
look between the leaves that dance their way to the earth and find me waiting.

here's to a happy week, friends. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


prints available here

they turned
from the quiet beauty
under the tree
and paused,
from the happiness
of being alive
and with

-tyler knott gregson

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

october latelys

when i was young i wrote in a journal everyday. sometimes more than once a day.
over the years that has diminished significantly...but i still love writing down my "favorites", or "latelys" as i like to call them!

so....here are my october latelys:

loving: neighborhood bike rides with the hubby after work. mittens and hats are now a necessity.

watching: vampire diaries (just discovered how addicting this show is via netflix. it is just...sucking us in! haha. sorry for the lame halloween/vampire joke;))

wearing: the hubby's old cowboy boots + dresses. darling.

eating: waaaay too much halloween candy! i bought it for the trick or treators, dang it!

reading: thisthis, and this....but books? nothing at the moment. any good suggestions out there? i've been hitting so many dead ends with books i can't seem to finish!

painting: a beautiful poem by tyler knott...and foxes!

DIYing: a pine cone garland.  photos soon!

drinking: coffee. lots of coffee. mostly home-brewed. trying to save a little cash:)

getting over: the fear of telling people i'm an artist.

baking: pumpkin everything. pancakes, muffins - you name it. 

needing: a new camera(!!!!). yes, this is a NEED!

feeling: mostly happy. (there's always a little melancholy thrown into the mix this time of year.)

remembering: i am in charge of my own happiness.

i love looking back over the lists i've made through the years. they instantly take me back:). 

what are your latelys?


Sunday, October 21, 2012

fond memories

 here we are, getting ready to head out to our first game since college days! talk about nostalgia...being back in corvallis. being back on campus... memories flood back.

(random truth: the hubby and i met fighting fire for the forest service in the summer of 2006. but it wasn't until our economics class at osu (econ 201, to be exact) that we really started getting to know one another and decided to date! crazy, huh?)

needless to say, that place definitely holds a special place in my heart.

this weekend was OSU's homecoming football game. there is definitely something to be said about being in the stadium. surrounded by fans. hearing the cheers. it's a whole other level of excitement you don't get anywhere else.
we are feeling so lucky and grateful.

which team do you root for?


Friday, October 19, 2012

autumn house

autumn. the most magical time of year. 
usually sometime around august, i start getting antsy with the anticipation of unpacking my 'autumn box'.  it even has an autumn scent, somehow. and i love filling our nest with rich colors, leaves, pine cones, and pumpkins.

this ribbon banner holds a very special place in my heart. (you have to scroll down a ways!)
last year i hung it here.

most of my autumn things have accumulated over a long period of time.  a lot of them have been thrifted, or purchased at the dollar store in college. this year, i took only the most special pieces out of the autumn box, and donated the rest. sometimes, a girl needs a little change in her life! i'm ready for less clutter. and with the clutter i keep, i'm ready for each piece to hold meaning. 

this compass belonged to my hubby's grandfather. love. this.

the beautiful gold leaf was a wedding gift from my dear friend megan
 wedding leaves hanging in the kitchen window, in all of their sparkly goodness. :)

welcome, autumn! i'm so glad you're here. 


custom artwork

what a beautiful quote by audrey hepburn! this is the latest custom piece for a very dear girl i know.  it's 16" x 20", so instead of scanning it as i normally would, i took a picture - the photograph is a little blurry! lucky for me, this dear girl just so happens to be a photographer, so i'm anticipating a great shot once it's hanging in it's new home.

you can't see them, but the sides are one of my favorite little details. they have a white on white effect going on; white paint and white doilies collaged all around the edges. love!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

your risk is worth taking.

i'm relatively new to the concept of risk-taking. it's not in my blood, and i wasn't born with it. i certainly don't have much practice at it. at my core, i'm much more comfortable with calculated decisions. safe choices. in fact, most of the decisions in my life until now, have been made this way. safely.

for the sake of financial stability. for the sake of making others happy. for the sake of a good impression. and on and on and on.

i can't say what has gotten into me in the past few months. but i've come to a realization that risk taking is absolutely necessary in moving closer to dreams. that i wont get where i need to go, if i stay on the sidelines of my life.

it's been a complete and total out of body experience for me; these risky decisions i'm making! i've had sleepless nights (you should see the bags under my eyes!). i've second guessed myself. i've cried (a lot). i've let others down. but can i tell you something? it gets easier. i'm learning that it's okay to take good care of myself. i'm learning that is what i should have been doing all along.

 last weekend was a great adventure, of the risky variety.
i spent 20 hours on the open road. traveled over 1000 miles. (i should mention, with the best road tripping partner a girl could ask for. we sang. talked until our voices gave out, about dreaming big. life. love. and just everything.)

stepped into a space where i was able to let go + be free. make connections. beautiful connections. met one of my favorite artists. learned so so much from her.

wrote a love note to myself.

 unleashed creativity.

 witnessed magic in the making.

 explored the amazing town of truckee, ca.

i love new adventures, don't you?
stepping outside of the comfort zone = brand new perspective.

my wish for you is to take the risk you've been thinking about. you'll never be sorry, friends.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

vine gogh

a saturday filled with art + friends + wine. need i say more?
well, to be specific, we drank the most delicious hard cider i've ever tasted.
have you been here? i'm telling you - if you haven't, it will be a day well spent!

oh, and it's located in the most adorable part of portland! mom and i have plans to visit again, and spend the whole day browsing around all of the amazing antique shops and such.
we don't make much of an effort to get up to portland, but that is definitely something i'd like to make a point of doing.


Monday, October 8, 2012

nothing better.

this is a portrait of bliss.

i seriously can't remember feeling this happy in a long while. 
perhaps it was the long hike to the top of the mountain. perhaps it was the sunshine, or the crisp breeze, or the dear friends that accompanied me. 

it was the most carefree of days. a spectacular view from the top. the lake below, and more mountains. surrounded by the quiet.
laying barefoot in the grass.
well, i'm pretty sure i was the only one barefoot.

we made plans to visit again soon. 
one of the most peaceful places on earth. <3

oh! and on the way down, i collected pine cones for my latest crafty project. can't wait to show you!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a little thing that excites me.

friends. do you see what i see? ok, so it is a bit tough to make out...but it is there, nonetheless.
i know i sound a little nerdy, but i had to show you. that i have 'repins' from none other than kelly rae roberts. say whaaaat! she's only like, my biggest idol. no big deal;).

what are the little things that have you excited lately?


Monday, October 1, 2012

pumpkin spice

happiest october wishes, friends! 
we have (finally) arrived at the most wonderful month of the year.
the autumn sun + crisp, cool breeze make a perfect combination, do they not? 
especially when savoring a pumpkin spice latte. heaven.

there are so many delicious recipes for homemade pumpkin spice lattes floating around online- today i tried this recipe from pinterest.

this little cup of goodness definitely helps turn an average day into an extraordinary one.

i hope you had a magical october day.