Friday, November 15, 2013

Nurturing Creativity at home

As a girl who pours out her heart + soul daily through layers of brightly colored paint, I've learned how essential nurturing creativity is to my spirit. It's a way to rejuvenate, return to center, and make sure my inspiration tank remains full.

The idea of nurturing creativity begs us to answer all the important questions-
What is it that makes us come alive? Feel inspired? What ignites the spark within?
I promise if you sit long enough with these questions, you'll hear the faint whispers and feel the gentle pull towards what your soul needs.

 For me, infusing creativity into daily life looks like:

A few moments of quiet to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in my favorite mug
A long walk in the sunshine.

Being creative in a different way than I'm used to: like baking! This month my mom and I made pumpkin butter...sooo delicious.

Re-arranging, organizing, and spending time in my creative space. Allowing room to breathe. Allowing room to play. (I'd be lying if I said impromptu dance parties never happened here;)) 

I'm a firm believer that LIFE is ART. It's about slowing down, focusing in, and honoring the goodness and beauty that surrounds. From the clothes in our closet to the way we make a cup of coffee. It's all art. It's all there for us to be amazed at and leave us feeling inspired.

So pull out your notebook, and start brainstorming ideas! What does your soul need? What does nurturing creativity look like to you? I'd love to know!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unknown + Possibility

I woke up this morning with thoughts of the unknown + possibility on my heart.

The unknown.
Where all of my deepest dreams + desires are kept.

The unknown.
A far-off destination where few have traveled...because the roads are dark + unpaved, and you have to walk a lot of the way alone.

The unknown.
An intimidating and sometimes scary notion...prompting many to question what in the hell you are thinking to leave safety to venture into the wildnerness by yourself. Prompting many to voice their opinions that you wont make it.

Yes. The unknown and I go way back.
It's a relationship I've sometimes resented. And wished away. And been afraid of.
But it's also a relationship I've fought for. And defended.
All without really + truly knowing what would be waiting for me once I got there.

To me, there is beauty in mystery. There is beauty in challenge. There is beauty in moving towards dreams. And so much possibility waiting.

I think about how many gorgeous adventures I'd have missed, if on every road trip, I always traveled on the paved roads. Lets face it. Mapquest doesn't always know the best route to your destination. ;)

For today, I'm pausing, slowing down, and remembering to celebrate the goodness that is the journey.
I'm giving myself permission to become friends with the unknown I've been living in, and invite possibility to the table. (Yes, there will be coffee + perhaps a donut;))

Will you join me?


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Art Pop Love

Life in the studio has been extra colorful + happy these past few days, ever since I got my hands on the gorgeous new Art Pops by Roben-Marie Smith.

True to my layer-loving self, I could hardly wait to begin cutting + pasting + layering these into a few paintings...

But because they are so incredibly gorgeous all on their own (they really are mini pieces of art!), I knew I needed to create something that would showcase their beauty a bit more.

Hello, darling mini journals! I'll be keeping these beauties extra close to record inspiration + my daily 'list of thankfuls' :).

ART POPS! By Roben Marie
ART POPS! By Roben Marie
ART POPS! By Roben Marie
ART POPS! By Roben Marie

You can get your art pops HERE!
I'm thinking they would make perfect Christmas gifts for the art lovers in my family:).