Saturday, April 25, 2015

beauty in the waiting

We have officially hit 39 weeks + baby is the size of a watermelon! (This reality always becomes most apparent when my husband collides into the baby bump on accident;)).
Our midwife believes we will be having an 8 pound baby and oh how that fills my heart with such happy! I am so so ready to meet this little angel.

There is so much beauty in this time of waiting. I've been practicing filling these moments with peace + contentment + doing my best to remain present and intentional with my time.
A few weeks ago I sent up a prayer that I would be more open to receiving messages from God.
It's so amazing all that is waiting for your heart + soul when you're open and looking.

Friday, April 24, 2015

from the inside

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.
{unknown} {33 weeks}
{38 weeks}