Thursday, January 31, 2013

tales from the couch.

my dear friends.
happy thursday!
it is indeed a happy day around these parts, because the day of all days (aka - oral surgery day) has come and gone. and i survived! look at that.
(i really did have horrible thoughts about not making it through...perhaps a little dramatic on my part, but i was really really nervous about the procedure).

Because today I'm needing a little more of this✨

thank you, mom, for this little gem! perfect timing. a necklace that is both my 'word' for 2013, and the best mantra for yesterday. trusting that everything will be alright.

It's name is treasure hunt. And smells sooo heavenly!

 the hubby took the day off yesterday to take care of me. he even made fresh (grapefruit/apple/pear/carrot/strawberry) juice! so so good.

Oh the life of a cat.

I think he wants a taste of my lunch ;)

this little guy has been my couch companion. we've been lazing it up over here, and it's been pretty awesome. today, it's been gilmore girls + pinterest + writing + napping + snuggling.

i got to open the most fabulous care package from a dear friend. check out these stickers! a kitty deer. so adorable. 

kitty deer!

all of your love + prayers + support are very felt, and so much appreciated. (thank you!!). feeling so loved + grateful + blessed to have you in my life.


ps - i just wanted to note that the moment i'm able to eat again, i'm having a big cheesburger and fries. and tim's jalapeno chips. with a cinnamon roll for dessert. ha!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

priorities (and passion) make it possible

i've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. it helps me return to center. re-group. re-focus. re-align. it is a sometimes painful process but in my book, is absolutely necessary in moving forward.

i'm continually thankful + in awe of the beautiful sunlight that streams into our home lately.
the culprit responsible for opening this most recent mental can of worms is none other than the good ole looming feeling of tax season! dun dun dun!

this photo needed no editing. look that that light! heaven.

you see, i really REALLY dislike tax season. i have this huge pile of art biz receipts (it's a daunting pile). and tax season means i have to go through them, add them up, and figure out how much money i spent on art during the year. (i really need to find an organizational system that works for me - but that is beside the point). who wants to think about money, anyway? this girl doesnt, that's for sure.

LOVE my kitties by Whimsy Kitten!

i learned (or remembered) the truest of true notions while calculating expenses, though. and that is: priorities (and passion!) make it possible. because lets face it. the way i was able to spend (ahem) 8 thousand dollars on art equipment and supplies this year is not because we had that cash laying around. far far from that. it is because sacrifices were made. creative ways to save money were learned. my wardrobe got left un-attended to, once again. ;) dinners and dates out turned into evenings at home, which actually we love just as much.


i have a girlfriend who loves shoes. i mean LOVES shoes. it's easy for me to wonder how she has extra money to buy another pair of (in my mind frivolous) nordstrom heels. well, the same way i have 'extra' money to buy a scanner, i suppose. whatever our priorities are in life, that is where we focus our attention. how true is that!

details of home
leo and his friend:). we are thinking of getting him a real playmate soon!

the happy ending to this story is the fact that because all of my print making + computer + camera needs are now taken care of, (whew!) i can really focus on re-couping those expenditures this year. :) i think the hubby will appreciate that!


what are your priorities these days? do you notice that you willingly make sacrifices in some areas of your life so you can meet the needs of your passion? i'd love to know:) xxo

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

magic in the morning

i'm an early bird. forever and always always.
there is a sort of magic that happens in the morning hours. 

i love the possibilities a brand new day holds.


the smell of deliciously strong coffee brewing, and the sound my coffee pot makes. it's like heaven to me. (a lot of nights, i go to bed looking forward to morning coffee. i'd say i have a slight addiction;))


the quiet peace i feel before the rest of the world awakes.

watching the dark sky come alive with color. often in pinks + yellows.

i love the glow of my studio twinkle lights in the early morning darkness. but even more, the early morning sunlight.


the sounds of chirping birdies outside my window. and this time of year, watching the last flocks of geese fly overhead.

fresh + brisk early morning air.

i love waking up to see this face! he likes his snuggle time in the morning. :)


love love love the ability to heavily influence the outcome of the day, just by a little positive thinking. (it works.)

seek truth
art/jewels by the lovely catina jane
i recently re-learned something about myself, in that i absolutely love waking up slowly. so
lately, i've been conscious to wake up slow. even if i'm not sleeping in. heaven.


what is on your list?

while you're thinking about it - head on over here to see my dear friend's list of reasons she gets out of bed in the morning. she is my amazingly creative go-to person, and
i'm so excited because we've decided to help inspire each other to blog a bit more in 2013.

here's to more goodness to come.

hope you are having a beautiful week so far.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


hello dear friends.
i'm having a hard time believing we are half-way through january (already!!!). how did that happen? wasn't it just last night we were ringing in the new year? these fast-passing days have me remembering to slow down. remembering to cherish the moments. remembering to be thankful.

little details

true to my perfectionist nature, i've been a bit stressed lately about not yet having a 'word' for 2013. i've been forcing myself to let my new word come to me. which means i've been paying more attention. i've been listening. i've been looking inward. thinking about goals + dreams + what i need in this upcoming year.

and this morning, it came to me. like i knew it would. (finally). in the quiet of my early morning studio space.



i'm a firm believer that a person's word should choose them. so while it was painful to wait for, i'm so happy i did!


in him.
the process.
the whispers.
my intuition.
that it will all be okay.
that i am worthy enough. 

do tell, friends! what is your word for 2013?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a love note to you!

live bravely
12" x 12" mixed media on canvas

my first painting of 2013.
so so so much fun to create this one.
im living a breathing these colors, lately. and i'm going with it.
currently, this baby is on it's way to florida.

this is my wish for you.

live bravely.
seek truth.
know happiness.
trust the process (+yourself).
praise him.
celebrate everything.

love to you, friends!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

fresh starts + new beginings.

january 1. 2013.

hello, beginnings.
hello, fresh starts.

i have a good feeling about you!

this year, i'm on a mission. to make each moment count.
on the first day of the new year, i did exactly that. relished in each moment. indulging a bit. enjoying a strong cup of coffee and a deliciously good book. by a hot fire. with a gorgeous blue sky outside my window. 

let it go

i wrote a little love note to myself. a declaration of all i will let go of in the new year.
often i'll write little messages to myself on blank canvas before starting a new painting. this one feels very right.

kitty snuggles

welcome, 2013.
i'm so ready for you!