Thursday, January 31, 2013

tales from the couch.

my dear friends.
happy thursday!
it is indeed a happy day around these parts, because the day of all days (aka - oral surgery day) has come and gone. and i survived! look at that.
(i really did have horrible thoughts about not making it through...perhaps a little dramatic on my part, but i was really really nervous about the procedure).

Because today I'm needing a little more of this✨

thank you, mom, for this little gem! perfect timing. a necklace that is both my 'word' for 2013, and the best mantra for yesterday. trusting that everything will be alright.

It's name is treasure hunt. And smells sooo heavenly!

 the hubby took the day off yesterday to take care of me. he even made fresh (grapefruit/apple/pear/carrot/strawberry) juice! so so good.

Oh the life of a cat.

I think he wants a taste of my lunch ;)

this little guy has been my couch companion. we've been lazing it up over here, and it's been pretty awesome. today, it's been gilmore girls + pinterest + writing + napping + snuggling.

i got to open the most fabulous care package from a dear friend. check out these stickers! a kitty deer. so adorable. 

kitty deer!

all of your love + prayers + support are very felt, and so much appreciated. (thank you!!). feeling so loved + grateful + blessed to have you in my life.


ps - i just wanted to note that the moment i'm able to eat again, i'm having a big cheesburger and fries. and tim's jalapeno chips. with a cinnamon roll for dessert. ha!


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