Thursday, May 31, 2012

celebrate your bravery

 what they say is true - we really do love our creations more when we let go. of fear. of critical thoughts. of hesitation.


in it's previous life, this painting was something much different. that is the beauty of paint. it always gives permission to start over. new beginnings.

this is what i hope for you. celebrate your brave, brave life.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

make magic

i've been working up a storm in the studio lately, trying to keep up with all of the thoughts in my head.

i'm currently practicing with painting on two different canvases at one time - so while one is drying i can continue working.

here are the latest!

all of my maps have been overthrown. available in my etsy shop now:).

magic is something you make. also available in the shop:).

in other news, the countdown is on for my new texas artist friend to arrive! ill pick her up from the airport this saturday evening. getting excited!

what are you looking forward to lately?

Monday, May 28, 2012

artist friend here for the summer

good morning lovelies,

how is your memorial weekend treating you?
i spent a good part of yesterday turning my old painting studio into a guest bedroom. windows wide open. music turned up.  twinkle lights on. house to myself. (oh yes, and a cinnamon bun latte from rosies).  = most relaxing day, ever.

can you even stand this adorable kitty pillow?! im in love.
we've got some exciting news around these parts lately, and i'm so excited to finally share it with you! a (new) artist friend from texas is coming to stay with us for the summer (!!). and this is where she will sleep.

 a few short months ago, i was approached by a sweet stranger asking if i would be interested in having an art intern this summer. after getting to know her a bit, i was sold. my intuition tells me this is going to be good. really good. (hooray for making connections.) i can't wait to share with her all i've learned so far in the beginnings of my art journey.

i envision us painting long hours together. telling stories. going for neighborhood walks. laying in the sun. dreaming. road tripping to the ocean. i have a good feeling about this summer.

what are your big plans? anything up your sleeve?


ps. up next: new studio pictures!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

make art.

monday night's art project: turning my college- days poster into a lovely mantra for my new studio space! (make art. fitting for an art room, no?)

thats right, friends! this girl has a new area dedicated to creating. while i really loved my little room on the other side of the house, i have a feeling i am going to love the upcoming changes much more. more details and photos to come.

before and after :)

in other news! i've been painting up a storm lately. my brain has been a blizzard of ideas, color schemes, and much more. seriously, i have 6 paintings in the works right now. i'm trying out the concept of creating two pieces at a time; so while one is drying, i can keep my hands moving. cant wait to show you what i've been up to!

here's a little doodle from my lunch break the other day.

oh! i've finally (finally!) started adding open eyes to the girlies i paint. one little hurdle at a time. and now that i've actually done it, i cant remember why it was so scary.

one last thing: did you know i now have tuesdays off? (hooray!) yesterday was my second tuesday off since the brave day. (aka, the day i asked to move to a 4-day work week). it has been pure bliss so far. i can already see an increase in the creative thoughts.

happy wednesday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

hide and seek

i hadn't seen mister for a few hours as i rushed around last night getting ready for our weekend road trip to the coast. and then the most darling face caught my eye beneath the blankets!

can you even stand him?

hope you all are having a beautiful friday!
happy weekend :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

soul connections

i've been on cloud nine since last tuesday, and i'm still flying high.

you see, at the beginning of this year i made a promise to myself. i set out to make connections with like-minded people. fellow artists. inspirations. kind and encouraging souls.
i vowed to let go of the negative relationships in my life. (who needs them?)

and last tuesday was the mothership of making connections. i'm still having a hard time believing it!

 after work i road tripped to powell's books in portland for the lovely flora's
book signing and art talk. she is seriously one of the most inspiring people on the planet.
even if you are not a "painter", you would love this book. and her! it was completely energizing to finally (finally!) meet this person who has long been one of my greatest inspirations. she is just as amazing as i thought she would be. so full of passion and beauty. i'm so thankful for her light.

after that (!!) i made my way to the warm and welcoming home of the insanely talented and amazing katie daisy. (i only got lost a few times along the way:)). we first met a few months ago in eugene, and she is one of the kindest souls i've had the pleasure of getting to know. we took in an amazing show and shared lovely conversation over a few tasty drinks. finally finally met her adorable kitties and sweetheart Luke! katie is one of those people you just have an easy time being around. and you feeling better having done so. love her.

 in eugene! meeting for the first time:)

 at the beginning of this year i gave myself permission to dream big. i wrote my dreams down on paper. and thought about them often. here is living proof that asking for our heart's greatest desires really works!  (thank you, universe). 


Monday, May 14, 2012

springtime spruce

i don't know what it is about a good spruce...but it sure does have a way of lifting a girl's spirits.
don't you agree?
sunday was one of those perfect days you wish would never end. just mom and i... free to decorate/ chat/ turn the tunes up and sing to our hearts content! i feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

this mirror was dark brown until yesterday. i had been wanting to brighten the space for so long...and i love the way it looks now. :)

this is one of my new favorite areas. i hung one of the shutters used in my art display...loving the splash of color the ribbons add! and how amazing do these two pieces of artwork go together? the 'free spirit' is an original of mine... 'lets go anywhere' is work of the lovely katie daisy . this pairing really makes my heart sing!

we found a few treasures on our antiquing outing where we sipped iced lattes and felt the glorious sunshine on our skin.

what did you do this weekend?


Thursday, May 3, 2012

major. art. crush.

you guys. i'm having a major art crush right now on artwork by the amazingly talented anahata katkin. yep, completely and totally smitten. it is the colors. layers. images. words. everything!

i remember vividly stumbling upon this lovely piece a few years back in a little shop in corvallis. it was one of those spontaneous moments where my hands automatically reached for it, and without any further pondering i was at the cash register, ready to take it back to my studio! fits perfectly, no?

want to see more studio shots?

i'm completely and totally smitten with her art journaling.
ok, seriously. you just need to hop on over to her website and choose your favorites. it will be hard to choose just one!

happy thursday, friends.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

upcoming art show! (hope to see you there).

i'm a busy bee over here as i gear up for my second ever art show. feeling a mixture of extreme excitement and anxiousness! up late late late into the night to finish new pieces, work on my display, printing, etc etc. but i really wouldn't have it any other way. (hoping if you are in the portland area i'll get to meet you!)

 here are the details.
Faire de Rue, a Vintage-Inspired Market 
May 11, 2012 - 5pm - 9pm ($5 at the door, wine and hors d'oeuvres served!)
May 12, 2012 - 9am-4pm (free admission)
29952 SE Chase Road Gresham, OR 97080 ♥

(a little about the display. cute, no? those are old shutters i found (free) at a garage sale. ribbons hanging from the back. vintage pink door for hanging a few originals. looove!)

happy wednesday, friends!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a weekend epiphany, and some new artwork.

YOU are WORTHY of your dreams. of great adventure. and most of all, a big big love. - mary wangerin 

i had the house to myself a few weekends ago and spent all day saturday working with this canvas and this saying...but after almost an entire day(!!) of playing with paint and papers, something just didnt feel right.

i took a break in the glorious sunshine and it came to me that perhaps i'm not infusing enough fun and spontenaity into my work. i am so caught up in wanting to be a 'real' artist that i focus too hard on getting to the end result, rather than being in the moment, doing what i love most.

i came up with a few guidelines to paint by, which i am naming 'weekend epiphany'.
1. let go of fear, doubt, your inner critic. (you'll have much more fun, i promise!)
2. messy = good. the more paint on your hands and in your hair, the better!
3. there are no mistakes.
4. experimentation is your friend.

the truth shall set you FREE!
i've been experimenting with creating outside the lines. being messier. more intuitive rather than having each composition sketched out. and i must say, these two pieces were SO MUCH fun! 

'the truth shall set you free' is an ode to listening to your heart. i've always been a habitual people pleaser, and am beginning to realize the beauty and value in making decisions that align with who i am. 

what are you working on lately?