Wednesday, May 16, 2012

soul connections

i've been on cloud nine since last tuesday, and i'm still flying high.

you see, at the beginning of this year i made a promise to myself. i set out to make connections with like-minded people. fellow artists. inspirations. kind and encouraging souls.
i vowed to let go of the negative relationships in my life. (who needs them?)

and last tuesday was the mothership of making connections. i'm still having a hard time believing it!

 after work i road tripped to powell's books in portland for the lovely flora's
book signing and art talk. she is seriously one of the most inspiring people on the planet.
even if you are not a "painter", you would love this book. and her! it was completely energizing to finally (finally!) meet this person who has long been one of my greatest inspirations. she is just as amazing as i thought she would be. so full of passion and beauty. i'm so thankful for her light.

after that (!!) i made my way to the warm and welcoming home of the insanely talented and amazing katie daisy. (i only got lost a few times along the way:)). we first met a few months ago in eugene, and she is one of the kindest souls i've had the pleasure of getting to know. we took in an amazing show and shared lovely conversation over a few tasty drinks. finally finally met her adorable kitties and sweetheart Luke! katie is one of those people you just have an easy time being around. and you feeling better having done so. love her.

 in eugene! meeting for the first time:)

 at the beginning of this year i gave myself permission to dream big. i wrote my dreams down on paper. and thought about them often. here is living proof that asking for our heart's greatest desires really works!  (thank you, universe). 


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  1. Had so much fun, Mary!! So happy you were able to stop by :) You're a sweetie.