Wednesday, May 23, 2012

make art.

monday night's art project: turning my college- days poster into a lovely mantra for my new studio space! (make art. fitting for an art room, no?)

thats right, friends! this girl has a new area dedicated to creating. while i really loved my little room on the other side of the house, i have a feeling i am going to love the upcoming changes much more. more details and photos to come.

before and after :)

in other news! i've been painting up a storm lately. my brain has been a blizzard of ideas, color schemes, and much more. seriously, i have 6 paintings in the works right now. i'm trying out the concept of creating two pieces at a time; so while one is drying, i can keep my hands moving. cant wait to show you what i've been up to!

here's a little doodle from my lunch break the other day.

oh! i've finally (finally!) started adding open eyes to the girlies i paint. one little hurdle at a time. and now that i've actually done it, i cant remember why it was so scary.

one last thing: did you know i now have tuesdays off? (hooray!) yesterday was my second tuesday off since the brave day. (aka, the day i asked to move to a 4-day work week). it has been pure bliss so far. i can already see an increase in the creative thoughts.

happy wednesday!


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