Monday, May 28, 2012

artist friend here for the summer

good morning lovelies,

how is your memorial weekend treating you?
i spent a good part of yesterday turning my old painting studio into a guest bedroom. windows wide open. music turned up.  twinkle lights on. house to myself. (oh yes, and a cinnamon bun latte from rosies).  = most relaxing day, ever.

can you even stand this adorable kitty pillow?! im in love.
we've got some exciting news around these parts lately, and i'm so excited to finally share it with you! a (new) artist friend from texas is coming to stay with us for the summer (!!). and this is where she will sleep.

 a few short months ago, i was approached by a sweet stranger asking if i would be interested in having an art intern this summer. after getting to know her a bit, i was sold. my intuition tells me this is going to be good. really good. (hooray for making connections.) i can't wait to share with her all i've learned so far in the beginnings of my art journey.

i envision us painting long hours together. telling stories. going for neighborhood walks. laying in the sun. dreaming. road tripping to the ocean. i have a good feeling about this summer.

what are your big plans? anything up your sleeve?


ps. up next: new studio pictures!


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