Tuesday, April 26, 2011

good, good life

hello friends. my mind is a bit all over the place tonight...so here is a bit of this and a bit of that!

went into the coin shop located right beside my workplace today...my first time (in four months!)

and it was fate - i spotted these gems immediately, and at 10cents a piece. STEAL! this is my fav. i dont know what the national biscuit co is, but it sure looks cool! most of the envelopes are from the 50's. I cant wait to incorporate them into my artwork.

 here's what I have been up to lately: a custom piece for the Knighton family.

if you haven't hear this song yet...you have got to listen! one republic, you have done it again:).

have a wonderful tuesday evening!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear old soul

tonight i've been scurrying around trying to tidy the chaos (still finding a way to balance time...time for art/creativity/work/husband/exercise/friends...you get the idea!) needless to say, my housekeeping has definitely fallen slack. now, normally i am a very neat and tidy girl. it's been only recently i've adopted a new attitude towards how i choose to spend any spare moments. mostly, i am obsessed with spending free time on art. but this evening, housekeeping was my priority.

on the way to the recycling bin, two large packages surprised me at our doorstep. i didnt need to look at the address to know it was a mis-delivery. i immediately felt overwhelmed with one more thing to add to my already full plate - on top of my tremendously long to-do list, now i'll need to figure out how to get these packages to the right owner.

the recipient - a sweet old man (86!) lives just one street over from us. he was appreciative of our efforts. those packages belong to his wife who has recently suffered a major stroke and is unable to live life without assistance. he so warmly invited us inside; hoping we would stay awhile, and please, if we ever get another free moment, come back and visit. it melted my heart. and, i think i will go back and visit. next time, with brownies in hand and a few hours to just sit and visit. <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

so EXCITED i can barely breathe!

you guys. you will not even believe it. a long time dream of mine is about to come true...yes, you heard me right...I get to meet KELLY RAE ROBERTS this weekend!!

I honestly felt out of breath and lightheaded and more crazy excited than ever after learning she was going to be in West Linn at a gift shop this Saturday. (learn more here!)

my mom is coming with me. we've been emailing back and forth all week about how we can hardly contain our excitement, and saturday couldn't arrive soon enough. if only we knew the perfect thing to wear!

to be completely honest, the thought of meeting someone who I admire so much is way far out of my comfort zone...but this is something i have to do.
(ps this is last month, right before a drastic hair cut! i think this is the longest my hair has ever been. i dont really miss it. that much.)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

out with the old...in with the spring

it's amazing what a little decorating can do for the brain. i finally boxed up some of my most beloved fall decor  (normally my fall items stay up year round!! yes. i love it that much.)...and dug up some colorful items to replace them for the spring season. my heart feels so light!

check out the vintage fan!

 this is my only tea pot. i plan on starting a collection!

i found these gems at a local thrift store. aren't they great?! i'm planning on making a garland out of them.
how are you decorating for spring?