Monday, July 25, 2011

road trip

road trips. they are my favorite. windows rolled down. sunshine. wind. sunglasses. tunes. spending time with my love. what could get better?

where have you road tripped?

Friday, July 22, 2011

from beginning to end

hello friends! i am excited to share with you my latest painting, hot off the press! 

it begins with my dear friend, tonja, who has an amazing way with words. 
the quote you see is hers! an original.
i was beyond thrilled and very honored when she approached me about creating something for her home. 
you will see glorious summer colors - turquoise, corals, yellow, green...
i snapped lots of photos of the creative process. hope you enjoy!

this is where the ideas start. flow.evolve. my journal/sketchbook goes everywhere with me. 
you never know when inspiration may strike.


it says:
to be loved. to find love. to give love. to earn love. to prove love. to fight for love. to live for love. to even die for love. in one way, or another, we all yearn for love. -tonja schreiber.


Friday, July 15, 2011

link love

karl and i are sticking to a budget lately (well, i am trying....really really trying! although im not sure how those two target dresses i just bought fit into that budget....i just couldnt resist them!)

but! if we were millionaires, this is what i would do with some of the money:

timeless and beautiful. take me on a road trip, i am ready now!
an ecourse taught by one of my greatest inspirations. yes please!
i believe all artists should have one of these. upgrade coming soon.
anything and everything from the amazingly talented katie daisy would have a very happy place in my home.
love the idea of one of these! would function just right in the corner of my little studio for when i work on large canvases.

what is on your wish list?

happy friday friends!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

oh, it's love

recently, i have discovered pinterest. to be honest, it has developed into a bit of an obsession! i could probably browse the beautiful and inspirational pictures for hours. 

i wanted to share with you....this. my stomach fills with butterflies, my heart bursts, my soul sings...absolute and complete dream kitchen. isn't it gorgeous?

have you discovered pinterest?


Saturday, July 9, 2011

summer sweethearts

hi friends.  
just returned home after spending the evening at a lovely was one of those that instantly puts you in a great mood, just knowing how happy the bride and groom are on their special day. here are a few snapshots.
handmade by the gorgeous bride and her mom! in love.

 guest book/beverage/gift area.

yes, we got to blow bubbles after the ceremony!

 perfect summer celebration atmosphere.

 say hello to beautiful Shedd, Oregon.

 summer flowers. so pretty.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

remembering to be thankful

sometimes we all need a little reminder on being thankful.grateful.appreciative of the goodness we are surrounded by everyday. i think a special little reminder came to me yesterday morning. i was running late- spilling coffee as i kissed leo goodbye and ran out the door... to find that my car wouldn't start. after some trouble-shooting with my dad over the phone, we got it started (yahoo!) and i made my way to a mechanic to get the problem fixed. this was after, of course, a good amount of crying (i am a bit of a wimp when it comes to car troubles).

i can't tell you how this seemingly tiny incident has changed my point of view on the small things in life i often take for granted! how fortunate i am feeling to have a car that gets me where i need to go. a roof over my head. food to eat! and of course many many other blessings to count as well. for me, it is so easy to feel bogged down with the daily grind, the to-do lists, the endless housework, that being thankful every single day sometimes is forgotten.

in the lyrics of my favorite song by one republic:
please tell me, what there is to complain about? <3

Sunday, July 3, 2011

let's celebrate.

yard sales. barbeques. laughter. family. sunshine. relaxation. concerts in the park. fireworks. road trips. long walks in the woods.
this is where Karl works, and also where we watched fireworks last night. detroit lake. gorgeous scenery. 

happy happy celebrating!