Friday, July 15, 2011

link love

karl and i are sticking to a budget lately (well, i am trying....really really trying! although im not sure how those two target dresses i just bought fit into that budget....i just couldnt resist them!)

but! if we were millionaires, this is what i would do with some of the money:

timeless and beautiful. take me on a road trip, i am ready now!
an ecourse taught by one of my greatest inspirations. yes please!
i believe all artists should have one of these. upgrade coming soon.
anything and everything from the amazingly talented katie daisy would have a very happy place in my home.
love the idea of one of these! would function just right in the corner of my little studio for when i work on large canvases.

what is on your wish list?

happy friday friends!


  1. On the top of my list is seeing you! I miss you lady :) I feel you about the budgeting, I am currently on a tight one until school starts again- boo. Best of luck and I hope to see you soon!

  2. We need to plan a date! It has been entirely way too long! Hope you are enjoying your summer, and I hope to see you sometime soon! xxo