Friday, July 22, 2011

from beginning to end

hello friends! i am excited to share with you my latest painting, hot off the press! 

it begins with my dear friend, tonja, who has an amazing way with words. 
the quote you see is hers! an original.
i was beyond thrilled and very honored when she approached me about creating something for her home. 
you will see glorious summer colors - turquoise, corals, yellow, green...
i snapped lots of photos of the creative process. hope you enjoy!

this is where the ideas start. flow.evolve. my journal/sketchbook goes everywhere with me. 
you never know when inspiration may strike.


it says:
to be loved. to find love. to give love. to earn love. to prove love. to fight for love. to live for love. to even die for love. in one way, or another, we all yearn for love. -tonja schreiber.



  1. Oh. My. GOODNESS!! MaryAnne, you have truly captured the essence of this quote, of my deep (and lovely) thoughts (about love)! I (capitol, bold, underline!) am the one who is honored, to have such a talented friend create such a beautiful piece of art from my simply spoken words, to be framed (and treasured) in my home for years (and years) to come! God has certainly given you a talent, and I am grateful that I get to (personally) enjoy a piece of it.

  2. MaryAnne!! This is stunning. I think this might be my favorite work so far that you have done!!