Monday, December 26, 2011

it's okay to dream big.

today is a crafty kind of day. (my favorite!) i've been working on my '24 by 25' list... twenty four things i'd love to accomplish before i turn 25. (which means i better get busy, since my birthday is only 9 months away!)

i love making lists. in fact, i make them daily. unlike my everyday lists that remind me to get my oil changed and to grab groceries on the way home from work, this list holds the secrets of my heart and soul, and so many dreams.

at first, i was scared to write down some of my goals. especially the ones that seem so out of reach. but i figure if i don't start saying these things out loud, how can they possibly come true?
 it is so liberating to give yourself permission to dream big! (trust me. you should try it.)

here is my complete list: (in no particular order)
1. visit maine, connecticut, and west virginia (for the first time!)
2. create every day
3. invest in a mac computer(!) and scanner
4. be happy
5. learn photoshop
6. take pretty pictures
7. three creative/meaningful blog posts per week
8. read
9. make dinner 2 nights a week
10. start an exercise program
11. write a letter to my pen pal every month
12. finish my wedding album- and print out some favorites!
13.surround myself with people who make me better
14. forest adventures with hubby
15. meet more artists
16. buy only what i need (and shop locally!)
17. art date with the lovely Katie Daisy!
18. coffee and junk shopping with mom
19. make pillows from my vintage doilies
20. date night with the hubby once a week
21. find something good in each day
22. go to church!
23. participate in an art show
24. pay off my car loan and school debt

 what's on your list?

Friday, December 23, 2011

our house at night, it sparkles

after a long day of work, it's the best feeling to be greeted by sparkles and cheer, wouldn't you agree?

if i don't get a chance to say this later, merry christmas, friends! i hope your holiday season continues to be merry and bright. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's a party!

i don't know about you, but i love family parties during the holidays. they always leave the me feeling better, somehow. (a small part of this could have something to do with all the delicious food and wine?)
last weekend we got together with my mom's side to celebrate christmas.

since we have lots of crafty and creatives in our family, this year we put a twist on the traditional white elephant. the rule was, it had to be handmade. oh, the goodies to be had!

i took this print (ok, how much do you love this festive and super easy wrapping! yes, please).

and...i got these babies!

yep. these are handmade by a cousin of mine. could they be any cuter? i have them on my coffee table and they are pretty much my favorite holiday decoration! thanks, shelley!

what games do you play during the holidays?

Monday, December 19, 2011

let your heart be light

fitting for this time of year, no?
i really (really) want to live with a light heart. maybe this will be just the reminder i need!

i packed up my art supplies (six totes, whew! talk about a lot of work) so i could paint this weekend at my parent's house. im so glad i did. (sometimes i pack my goods and end up watching tv the whole trip...) there was something about my mom's christmas decor that was extra cozy, the light was just right, and the vibe was perfect for working many of the hours away. it was glorious.

what did you do this weekend? who's ready for christmas! eeek!


Friday, December 16, 2011

my someday closet

oh. my. goodness. does modcloth know how to make a dress.
i would definitely wear anything from them in a heartbeat. especially these! i think i've found a new obsession.





which one is your fav? i know. it's hard to choose just one, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

between you and me

i think the moon is one of the most gorgeous 'things', ever. especially a full moon. my close friends and family can attest to this, because whenever the moon is full, i'm texting everyone to go take in all it's beauty.

well, have you seen the moon the past few nights? if it weren't so cold at night, i would grab a lawn chair and some cocoa and just sit and watch it.

this text from the hubby pretty much made my heart melt! so sweet.
i think he would be embarrassed if he knew i was showing you this, so mums the word!


Monday, December 12, 2011

celebrating happy.

yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday. it was definitely one for the books! we laughed, at donuts, hunted for treasures, listened to music, and best of all, spent the entire day together. heaven!

it was one of those days that literally flew by. we road tripped to eugene to hear (mom's favorite) author laurie notaro read from one of her books (and sign copies!!). it was such an amazing experience. have you read any of her books?

happy monday friends! what is on the agenda for this week?
im going to try my darnedest to finish up all of these handmade christmas gifts for people (what was i thinking trying to take on a task like that!?) and of course, get in the studio for some much needed painting time!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY christmas wreath

i was at the in-law's over thanksgiving weekend, with not one crafty project in tow. so not like me! i almost always have my bag filled to the brim with goodness -the latest crafty project, my sketch book, markers, scissors, camera, and a reading book. something to satisfy any mood! and, i normally take it everywhere. (yes, even to work. i wonder what my coworkers think of me!) 

half way through the weekend i started feeling desperate - needing to do something creative, and soon! imagine my excitement when mom shows up with christmas wreath supplies. (you may even have the materials in your closet or cupboard already!)

supplies:  coffee filters (you can use natural or white!), wreath form, burlap, scissors, hot glue gun
fold the coffee filters in the center and hot glue them to cover the wreath form.
(oh yes. here i am, as i was all weekend. in my sweatpants. heaven!)
cut the burlap and form a bow, and glue to your wreath.

ta da! ready to brighten any room this season (and all year long, if you want!)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

around the cottage

i always love color. vintage. shiny. handcrafted... especially this time of year.
here are some of my favorite shots of 'around the cottage' this season!

Monday, December 5, 2011

spreading holiday cheer

i've never been a huge fan of spending my free time in the kitchen. don't get my wrong, i appreciate good food like nobody's business - its just i would rather not be the one to cook/bake that delicious food! i am so lucky hubby is a fantastic chef. (let me tell you, he can make a mean dish!).

but, there is something about this time of year that always urges me into the kitchen for some holiday baking.

 this weekend, mom and i baked chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, and my favorite of them all - my grandma mary's pumpkin bread.
our house never smelled so good!

probably the most rewarding of all was taking our goodies around the neighborhood - we happened to wake one neighbor up (at 1:30 pm on a sunday afternoon, mind you), and he said "oh my gosh. this is the best way i've ever woken up. you guys are angels!". haha.

what is your favorite holiday treat?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

blog makeover!

over the past month, i've had the pleasure of working with the amazingly talented elizabeth of delightfully tacky on a new and improved design for my blog. i am so excited to finally share it to you! it really is beyond my wildest dreams- elizabeth found a way to take my heart and soul and translate it into this beauty. i can hardly stand it!

elizabeth is a part of the freckled nest design team, and was the funnest designer to work with! she's originally from alaska (which is where the hubby swears we will live someday) and took to the open road in her cutest ever Winnebago. trust me. start reading her blog posts and you will become an obsessed follower ;).


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

darling bows

i've always always been a short hair person. except for right now, my locks are the longest they've ever been!
i grew it long for a pretty updo for my wedding, and even though that special day is behind me, i still haven't made it in to see my hairdresser. i think im resisting a little because the grow-out stage was such a long process for me, i know once i go short again it will most likely stay that way forever!

lately, i've been obsessed with the thought of wearing sweet little bows in my hair! i am in desperate need to spice things up. check out these darlings:

 these are by Hunter Gatherer, on etsy. i seriously want one of everything in the shop.
(also see them here)
(from pinterest)
(make your own, here!)
(another great tutorial)