Monday, December 26, 2011

it's okay to dream big.

today is a crafty kind of day. (my favorite!) i've been working on my '24 by 25' list... twenty four things i'd love to accomplish before i turn 25. (which means i better get busy, since my birthday is only 9 months away!)

i love making lists. in fact, i make them daily. unlike my everyday lists that remind me to get my oil changed and to grab groceries on the way home from work, this list holds the secrets of my heart and soul, and so many dreams.

at first, i was scared to write down some of my goals. especially the ones that seem so out of reach. but i figure if i don't start saying these things out loud, how can they possibly come true?
 it is so liberating to give yourself permission to dream big! (trust me. you should try it.)

here is my complete list: (in no particular order)
1. visit maine, connecticut, and west virginia (for the first time!)
2. create every day
3. invest in a mac computer(!) and scanner
4. be happy
5. learn photoshop
6. take pretty pictures
7. three creative/meaningful blog posts per week
8. read
9. make dinner 2 nights a week
10. start an exercise program
11. write a letter to my pen pal every month
12. finish my wedding album- and print out some favorites!
13.surround myself with people who make me better
14. forest adventures with hubby
15. meet more artists
16. buy only what i need (and shop locally!)
17. art date with the lovely Katie Daisy!
18. coffee and junk shopping with mom
19. make pillows from my vintage doilies
20. date night with the hubby once a week
21. find something good in each day
22. go to church!
23. participate in an art show
24. pay off my car loan and school debt

 what's on your list?


  1. let's set up a date and i can help make #5 happen! :)

  2. I love this idea and your list. I might just need to do this myself.

  3. YES! Tonja, that would be fantastic.
    and you should definitely make a list of your own, Megan!

  4. Mary, this is sooo pretty! I'm about to make my artfully illustrated list of 2012 goals, and this is wonderful inspiration. Good luck rocking your 24 goals! xo
    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!