Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY christmas wreath

i was at the in-law's over thanksgiving weekend, with not one crafty project in tow. so not like me! i almost always have my bag filled to the brim with goodness -the latest crafty project, my sketch book, markers, scissors, camera, and a reading book. something to satisfy any mood! and, i normally take it everywhere. (yes, even to work. i wonder what my coworkers think of me!) 

half way through the weekend i started feeling desperate - needing to do something creative, and soon! imagine my excitement when mom shows up with christmas wreath supplies. (you may even have the materials in your closet or cupboard already!)

supplies:  coffee filters (you can use natural or white!), wreath form, burlap, scissors, hot glue gun
fold the coffee filters in the center and hot glue them to cover the wreath form.
(oh yes. here i am, as i was all weekend. in my sweatpants. heaven!)
cut the burlap and form a bow, and glue to your wreath.

ta da! ready to brighten any room this season (and all year long, if you want!)


  1. such a cute idea :)
    ~niki from the young and immortal <3

  2. This is so great! Now I need to think about how to make it for the winter...How long did it take you?

  3. you should definitely make one!
    it took me about 45 minutes, is all. :)
    i'd love to see a picture of your all done up!