Monday, December 17, 2012

our christmas house

this weekend: my favorite way to spend time.
at home. nesting. decorating. lounging. watching movies. forgetting the to-do list. (that's important sometimes.)

weekend cozy

making a twinkle light garland has been on my mind for quite sometime. i finally sat down and got it done! i love love its soft glow.


the hubby and i spend a lot of time, right here. togetherness is my favorite.


i just cannot get enough of this cuteness. i need about 100 more of these trees! i found these at craftywonderland this year...but just bought some green ones at the craft store i'm going to (try to) dye myself at some point. eek!


my dear friend maria made this lovely garland last year...and it is still one of my favorites. it makes this corner of our bedroom happy.


my mantle is full of vintage ornaments and sparkly trees.


december is such a magical month.
if only we could suspend time for a moment. i'd like to live in today a bit longer. :)

hope you have the merriest of days, friends!


Monday, December 10, 2012

around here lately.

my heart is so very full these days. i'm feeling exhausted yet energized. it's so strange - i'll be so completely worn out by the end of the day, but the moment i focus my mind on painting, i start to come alive again. it makes for very (very) long days/nights - but so worth it.

around these parts, lately:
i've been meeting fellow creatives.

i've been trading art. this is a warrior rock, painted by the amazing catina jane. i love it so much i even carry it in my coat pocket.

around here, lately <3

around here, lately <3

she sent me a whole package filled to the brim with goodness. i kid you not, i held back tears when i opened it! i promise, more photos of her amazing work soon! this is a necklace by her. it takes my breath away. hello, brave. (hello, awesome.)

around here, lately <3

i've been decorating the nest with little bursts of holiday cheer.

around here, lately <3

this is a peek at my loot, scored from crafty wonderland. last sunday, i spent the whole day with a dear girl - we shared coffee, we dreamed, we talked of ideas for an amazing collaboration (think art + jewelry, eeek!). it was wonderful!

around here, lately <3

i've practiced being brave...this time, for the minor mouth procedure i'll be getting done in january after our insurance kicks in. after my periodontist consulatation i rewarded myself with a treat in the form of an eggnog latte. man, i'm addicted.
but look how cute this dutch bros lid is!

around here, lately <3

i've been savoring peaceful moments at home.


and loving every minute of this magical time of year.

much love to you, friends!


Friday, December 7, 2012

alabama arkansas

the latest

one of my very dear friends, who just so happens to be one of the most amazing jewelry designers/glass bead makers in the world, commissioned this piece (ahem, a few months ago!). and it is finally finished.
and it was so much fun. and possibly one of my new favorites!

it's a quote from the song 'home' by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. a lovely song that i like to turn up loud and stop painting for a little (necessary) studio dance party!

so, this same friend and i have had this date on the books now for months to road trip to crafty wonderland. this sunday. it is finally almost here and i can hardly contain my excitement. i love supporting local + handmade. i love meeting fellow artists. cant. wait. i'll probably come home with way too much goodness, but can't we all use extra goodness these days?

in other news!

bravery suits you

remember this little baby?
in honor of brave victories, i'm celebrating! for the first 5 people to buy this one, it will come nestled in the coolest ever clipframe! <3.

available here. :)

bravery suits you
i hope your holiday season is off to a magical start, friends. i'm exhausted but my heart is full. and i'm feeling so so thankful for all of you. xxo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

winter latelys. a love note, of sorts.

oh, december.

morning light how i love you and your beautiful morning light.

your glowing twinkle lights.

the warm feelings. anticipation of goodness in the coming days.

lately i've been....

on instagram. like, 24/7. because i (finally!!!) upgraded to an iphone. now that i have witnessed the magic, i can't imagine why i waited this long.

eating (dark chocolate) peppermint almond roca. it seriously tastes like christmas.

painting. up a storm.

pallette bravery suits you


drinking my coffee with a splash of eggnog. yes, please!

taking care of a very sick hubby. no fun.

using a very precious saturdays for messy hair/no makeup/sweatpants/lounging/nesting/painting/doing whatever i want kind of day. it was perfect.

feeling the light at the end of the tunnel.

focusing on enjoying the little moments. taking my time. devouring the each magical moment of this season.


what about you, friends? what have you been up to?