Friday, December 7, 2012

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the latest

one of my very dear friends, who just so happens to be one of the most amazing jewelry designers/glass bead makers in the world, commissioned this piece (ahem, a few months ago!). and it is finally finished.
and it was so much fun. and possibly one of my new favorites!

it's a quote from the song 'home' by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. a lovely song that i like to turn up loud and stop painting for a little (necessary) studio dance party!

so, this same friend and i have had this date on the books now for months to road trip to crafty wonderland. this sunday. it is finally almost here and i can hardly contain my excitement. i love supporting local + handmade. i love meeting fellow artists. cant. wait. i'll probably come home with way too much goodness, but can't we all use extra goodness these days?

in other news!

bravery suits you

remember this little baby?
in honor of brave victories, i'm celebrating! for the first 5 people to buy this one, it will come nestled in the coolest ever clipframe! <3.

available here. :)

bravery suits you
i hope your holiday season is off to a magical start, friends. i'm exhausted but my heart is full. and i'm feeling so so thankful for all of you. xxo

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  1. I really like your friend's piece as well. I completely relate to the delay of turning in a commissioned piece...*sighs*