Monday, December 10, 2012

around here lately.

my heart is so very full these days. i'm feeling exhausted yet energized. it's so strange - i'll be so completely worn out by the end of the day, but the moment i focus my mind on painting, i start to come alive again. it makes for very (very) long days/nights - but so worth it.

around these parts, lately:
i've been meeting fellow creatives.

i've been trading art. this is a warrior rock, painted by the amazing catina jane. i love it so much i even carry it in my coat pocket.

around here, lately <3

around here, lately <3

she sent me a whole package filled to the brim with goodness. i kid you not, i held back tears when i opened it! i promise, more photos of her amazing work soon! this is a necklace by her. it takes my breath away. hello, brave. (hello, awesome.)

around here, lately <3

i've been decorating the nest with little bursts of holiday cheer.

around here, lately <3

this is a peek at my loot, scored from crafty wonderland. last sunday, i spent the whole day with a dear girl - we shared coffee, we dreamed, we talked of ideas for an amazing collaboration (think art + jewelry, eeek!). it was wonderful!

around here, lately <3

i've practiced being brave...this time, for the minor mouth procedure i'll be getting done in january after our insurance kicks in. after my periodontist consulatation i rewarded myself with a treat in the form of an eggnog latte. man, i'm addicted.
but look how cute this dutch bros lid is!

around here, lately <3

i've been savoring peaceful moments at home.


and loving every minute of this magical time of year.

much love to you, friends!