Monday, February 23, 2015

planting roots

We planted the tree and wildflowers he got me for Valentines Day and I couldn't help but notice all the ways we are putting down roots in this place.
My heart is so happy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

r e l e a s e

I don't know about you, but I love choosing a word each year...something I'd love to remember, hold close, cultivate... something I can come back to in the later months to re-focus and guide my thoughts and actions. It helps me to live intentionally, and I love that! This year I didn't fret when January rolled around and I still didn't have my word. Sometimes the word chooses us! It came into my thoughts softly. A whisper; a gift from my soul, letting me know what would be important this year: R e l e a s e. Specifically, the release of all that is not good for me. Oh, how this has made me question so much already. 'Is this good for me?'. If the answer is no, I let it go. Some situations have proven much easier than others, but I can tell you I'm already feeling light + free. This word, release, has also allowed into focus the things that matter most. The things my heart + soul most need to thrive. In my world, this looks a lot like long walks in the woods or on the beach with my love, playing with paint in the studio, sitting on the porch + listening to the birds and the creek rush by, saying no to obligations to allow time for rest and solitude, decluttering our home and schedule, yoga... And of course naps. Lots of naps.  :)
What about you? Do you choose a guiding word for the year? I'd love to know yours!