Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sunday night happiness:

sunday night happiness:

a walk with my love to the little market for the weekly paper containing a FEATURE on yours truly:).

feeling exceptionally blissful.

here's how it happened:
on a blustery november weekend, i gathered a few vintage suitcases, a pink christmas tree, twinkle lights, and lots of artwork for a window display in my lovely little town.
mom even came to help me (bless her!) and there was coffee and perhaps a breakfast croissant to be shared. :)  
and then there was a little interview and my picture was taken, and the rest is history!
if you're in the area, stop by! you can't miss it.

happy tuesday, friends!

Monday, November 26, 2012

breakfast, out.

going out to breakfast is quite possibly the best time of day to eat out (in my book, anyway).
it is the biggest treat in the world.. perhaps because we go out for breakfast so infrequently. at any rate, i always feel so special and lucky when we do.

my kind of comfort food breakfast, out. colors my beautiful mama! a few weekends ago, my mama and i took a little early morning road trip to portland. we met up with our very dear friend, tonja...and went out to eat at the best restaurant. slappy cakes. making pancakes:)
 at slappy cakes, the batter is served and you make your own right there at your table! there are a ton of toppings to choose from, which only adds to the coolness. we chose bananas, chocolate chips, and lemon curd for the table. heaven. after breakfast, there was a little dose of thrift store goodness...much laughing...and togetherness. xxo

Sunday, November 25, 2012

bravery suits you

bravery suits you

i have this thing.
whenever we get ready to go somewhere, i always always have to bring a giant tote full of painting supplies.
even if there is only a slight change i'll get even 10 minutes of painting in.
my hubby loves that about me ;). (can you sense the sarcasm?)

as it turns out, once my paints were out of the box, i could hardly stop the creativity from pouring out. 

what fun. 

this is my favorite. 
bravery suits you.

love to you, friends. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

mr. fox

mr. fox.
8 x 10 mixed media on canvas.
for a very special little girl on her birthday!
this was one of those times where the image magically appeared and wouldn't leave
my mind until i had painted it:). does that ever happen to you? what's more, is the fact that i have about 5 million things on my to do list, but instead, i ignore my chaotic world for a few days while i finish this baby up. maybe i have a little procrastination in me after all?

are you guys ready for Thanksgiving?! we are getting excited for delicious food, warm fires, red wine, togetherness. (oh, and did i mention a 4 day weekend?! yes please).
the hubby and i feel incredibly thankful that both of our families gather at one place, together. it sure makes things easier (travel and time wise) and so much more fun.
i think it's about time i come up with a list of all the things i'm thankful for. because really. there are so so many.

happy wednesday to you, friends!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

holiday cheer (a surprise for you!)

hello, friend.

gift giving season is near!
i'm so excited for the holidays - hot cocoa, warm fires, twinkle lights, and spending time with loved ones.

this year, shop handmade + local and take 25% off all of my Etsy shop items, now through December 22!

use the code CHEER12 at checkout.
you can even leave me a little note to git wrap (free!) or ship directly to the recipient.

warmest wishes to you, lovelies.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

beauty full.

a love note to you, friends.

happy tuesday.

Monday, November 12, 2012

revealing truth on anxiety.

hello friends.
i'm doing the best that i can to take extra good care today. to be extra gentle with my fragile self. i'm learning to listen to my body when it tells me to slow down.

as i type this, i'm sitting in my jammies. the candles are lit. the fire is blazing.
all is quiet and peaceful. especially the rain falling outside.

i want to share something with you that has always made me feel too embarrassed or vulnerable to share in the past. which is silly. because there must be lots of other people out there like me, who live with it as well - a little thing called anxiety.
it's never been formally diagnosed. but nonetheless, i know it's there.
it reminds me every single day. no matter how much i exercise. or eat right. or get enough sleep. or cut out coffee. or cut back on coffee. or take vitamins. there it is! this obstacle to overcome and conquer on a daily basis.

people's reactions blow me away, when they learn it is something i live with. apparently i've gotten exceptionally good at faking it. but the ugly reality is, sometimes it is debilitating. sometimes it prevents me from going places and doing things. sometimes, when i feel sick, the combination of the two makes it too hard to fight through a day in the office. lately, things have gotten worse- like there is a giant elephant is sitting on my chest. i'm learning this is not something to ignore.

i was gently reminded by a very wise woman this morning that it is okay to take good care of ourselves. in fact, it is a necessity. in a world that never sleeps, where our to-do lists are miles long, the best thing we can do is listen to what our body needs. and today, my body needs to be home. :)

i'm pushing away the guilt. the thoughts of failure. and focusing on the good. my kitty sleeping next to me. a steaming cup of coffee in my favorite mug.

and! i'm trying new, natural ways to make myself better. today is my third day of taking st. john's wort..i'll let you know how it goes.

here's to taking good care.
my hope is that you do the same. always.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

apple orchard

 a weekend date in the apple orchard. (the rain held out for us!) and one of the most amazing photographers in the world captured it. :) see more here. 


Monday, November 5, 2012

great adventure. new artwork!

yesterday. a day i made the promise to myself that i would make good choices, all day long.
so, i started by adding a bit of eggnog to my coffee...and proceeded with ignoring a messy house so i could paint all day long.

it was a wonderful day:). i (finally) finished this piece!

 the sides of this baby just might be my favorite - collaged with doilies! cute.

the hubby and i went for a looong bike ride after my mind went into art overload. soaking up the autumn sunlight. the trees looked like they were lit up. or on fire. it was magical.
at one point, the hubby said that if today were his last day, that would be alright, because it was so wonderful. that is how i'd like to start living all of my days, wouldn't you?

prints available here! and, the original:).

hope you have the best monday, friends!

Friday, November 2, 2012

we celebrated october

 we carved pumpkins last weekend. and made it into a little party. the parents and us.

 we lit candles.

 we drank 'crow's feet' :)

and celebrated october. 

after all, it is the best month of them all.
well, november is pretty great too.:)

show the world your magic

this is one of my favorites from the lovely mati rose. show the world your magic. best. advice.

here we are, mom and i - in california. on the last day of the trip. here, i'm feeling tired yet energized. emotionally drained yet stronger. empowered somehow; like i've just overcome something major.

when i read this blogpost last night, my heart nearly exploded with excitement. go check it out!