Monday, November 5, 2012

great adventure. new artwork!

yesterday. a day i made the promise to myself that i would make good choices, all day long.
so, i started by adding a bit of eggnog to my coffee...and proceeded with ignoring a messy house so i could paint all day long.

it was a wonderful day:). i (finally) finished this piece!

 the sides of this baby just might be my favorite - collaged with doilies! cute.

the hubby and i went for a looong bike ride after my mind went into art overload. soaking up the autumn sunlight. the trees looked like they were lit up. or on fire. it was magical.
at one point, the hubby said that if today were his last day, that would be alright, because it was so wonderful. that is how i'd like to start living all of my days, wouldn't you?

prints available here! and, the original:).

hope you have the best monday, friends!


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