Monday, November 26, 2012

breakfast, out.

going out to breakfast is quite possibly the best time of day to eat out (in my book, anyway).
it is the biggest treat in the world.. perhaps because we go out for breakfast so infrequently. at any rate, i always feel so special and lucky when we do.

my kind of comfort food breakfast, out. colors my beautiful mama! a few weekends ago, my mama and i took a little early morning road trip to portland. we met up with our very dear friend, tonja...and went out to eat at the best restaurant. slappy cakes. making pancakes:)
 at slappy cakes, the batter is served and you make your own right there at your table! there are a ton of toppings to choose from, which only adds to the coolness. we chose bananas, chocolate chips, and lemon curd for the table. heaven. after breakfast, there was a little dose of thrift store goodness...much laughing...and togetherness. xxo

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! And that way one cannot mess up because the batter is already made ;-)