Wednesday, November 21, 2012

mr. fox

mr. fox.
8 x 10 mixed media on canvas.
for a very special little girl on her birthday!
this was one of those times where the image magically appeared and wouldn't leave
my mind until i had painted it:). does that ever happen to you? what's more, is the fact that i have about 5 million things on my to do list, but instead, i ignore my chaotic world for a few days while i finish this baby up. maybe i have a little procrastination in me after all?

are you guys ready for Thanksgiving?! we are getting excited for delicious food, warm fires, red wine, togetherness. (oh, and did i mention a 4 day weekend?! yes please).
the hubby and i feel incredibly thankful that both of our families gather at one place, together. it sure makes things easier (travel and time wise) and so much more fun.
i think it's about time i come up with a list of all the things i'm thankful for. because really. there are so so many.

happy wednesday to you, friends!



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