Monday, December 5, 2011

spreading holiday cheer

i've never been a huge fan of spending my free time in the kitchen. don't get my wrong, i appreciate good food like nobody's business - its just i would rather not be the one to cook/bake that delicious food! i am so lucky hubby is a fantastic chef. (let me tell you, he can make a mean dish!).

but, there is something about this time of year that always urges me into the kitchen for some holiday baking.

 this weekend, mom and i baked chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, and my favorite of them all - my grandma mary's pumpkin bread.
our house never smelled so good!

probably the most rewarding of all was taking our goodies around the neighborhood - we happened to wake one neighbor up (at 1:30 pm on a sunday afternoon, mind you), and he said "oh my gosh. this is the best way i've ever woken up. you guys are angels!". haha.

what is your favorite holiday treat?


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  1. mmm pumpkin bread! I can't wait until I have a kitchen again...