Wednesday, November 30, 2011

darling bows

i've always always been a short hair person. except for right now, my locks are the longest they've ever been!
i grew it long for a pretty updo for my wedding, and even though that special day is behind me, i still haven't made it in to see my hairdresser. i think im resisting a little because the grow-out stage was such a long process for me, i know once i go short again it will most likely stay that way forever!

lately, i've been obsessed with the thought of wearing sweet little bows in my hair! i am in desperate need to spice things up. check out these darlings:

 these are by Hunter Gatherer, on etsy. i seriously want one of everything in the shop.
(also see them here)
(from pinterest)
(make your own, here!)
(another great tutorial)


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