Sunday, November 27, 2011

a weekend full of goodness

the hubby and i spent a wonderfully long and relaxing holiday weekend at his parent's home in florence. on top of the delicious food and fun games, one of the best parts was being there with loved ones.
i feel so fortunate that both sets of parents get along so well - having everyone gathered at one place is the best!

i'm totally digging my bro's beard! he's so cute.
oh. and please excuse the bangs. i'm in that weird grow-out stage right now - it is so hard! still contemplating chopping them short so i get them out of my eyes.

i was in charge of the beverages over the weekend and just had to try these festive brews! tasty. and cute.

my boss surprised me at the end of the day on wednesday with the news that i could have (black) friday off!
so i joined in the millions of crazed individuals searching for good deals much too early in the morning. i found this beauty on sale from $60 to $20. hooray! it is the prettiest color blue, and sooo soft! love it. compartments for the things i lose the most. cell phone and keys.

i hope you all had an exraordinary weekend!


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