Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear old soul

tonight i've been scurrying around trying to tidy the chaos (still finding a way to balance time...time for art/creativity/work/husband/exercise/ get the idea!) needless to say, my housekeeping has definitely fallen slack. now, normally i am a very neat and tidy girl. it's been only recently i've adopted a new attitude towards how i choose to spend any spare moments. mostly, i am obsessed with spending free time on art. but this evening, housekeeping was my priority.

on the way to the recycling bin, two large packages surprised me at our doorstep. i didnt need to look at the address to know it was a mis-delivery. i immediately felt overwhelmed with one more thing to add to my already full plate - on top of my tremendously long to-do list, now i'll need to figure out how to get these packages to the right owner.

the recipient - a sweet old man (86!) lives just one street over from us. he was appreciative of our efforts. those packages belong to his wife who has recently suffered a major stroke and is unable to live life without assistance. he so warmly invited us inside; hoping we would stay awhile, and please, if we ever get another free moment, come back and visit. it melted my heart. and, i think i will go back and visit. next time, with brownies in hand and a few hours to just sit and visit. <3


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