Monday, May 14, 2012

springtime spruce

i don't know what it is about a good spruce...but it sure does have a way of lifting a girl's spirits.
don't you agree?
sunday was one of those perfect days you wish would never end. just mom and i... free to decorate/ chat/ turn the tunes up and sing to our hearts content! i feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

this mirror was dark brown until yesterday. i had been wanting to brighten the space for so long...and i love the way it looks now. :)

this is one of my new favorite areas. i hung one of the shutters used in my art display...loving the splash of color the ribbons add! and how amazing do these two pieces of artwork go together? the 'free spirit' is an original of mine... 'lets go anywhere' is work of the lovely katie daisy . this pairing really makes my heart sing!

we found a few treasures on our antiquing outing where we sipped iced lattes and felt the glorious sunshine on our skin.

what did you do this weekend?



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