Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a weekend epiphany, and some new artwork.

YOU are WORTHY of your dreams. of great adventure. and most of all, a big big love. - mary wangerin 

i had the house to myself a few weekends ago and spent all day saturday working with this canvas and this saying...but after almost an entire day(!!) of playing with paint and papers, something just didnt feel right.

i took a break in the glorious sunshine and it came to me that perhaps i'm not infusing enough fun and spontenaity into my work. i am so caught up in wanting to be a 'real' artist that i focus too hard on getting to the end result, rather than being in the moment, doing what i love most.

i came up with a few guidelines to paint by, which i am naming 'weekend epiphany'.
1. let go of fear, doubt, your inner critic. (you'll have much more fun, i promise!)
2. messy = good. the more paint on your hands and in your hair, the better!
3. there are no mistakes.
4. experimentation is your friend.

the truth shall set you FREE!
i've been experimenting with creating outside the lines. being messier. more intuitive rather than having each composition sketched out. and i must say, these two pieces were SO MUCH fun! 

'the truth shall set you free' is an ode to listening to your heart. i've always been a habitual people pleaser, and am beginning to realize the beauty and value in making decisions that align with who i am. 

what are you working on lately? 


  1. Beautiful! You are so talented, darling! I agree with you so completely: fear of making mistakes, of failure, of being judged, it holds everyone back in different ways. Fear is a prison The opposite of fear is love! Love never fails, love is truth, love is healing and powerful, love will make you free... your art shows so much love. I know God has given you that gift and you use it beautifully. Keep it up, darling!

  2. Hannah, thank you for the amazing and kind words! I completely, 100% agree with you on fear and love. <3
    Hope you have a beautiful day my dear!