Wednesday, January 16, 2013

magic in the morning

i'm an early bird. forever and always always.
there is a sort of magic that happens in the morning hours. 

i love the possibilities a brand new day holds.


the smell of deliciously strong coffee brewing, and the sound my coffee pot makes. it's like heaven to me. (a lot of nights, i go to bed looking forward to morning coffee. i'd say i have a slight addiction;))


the quiet peace i feel before the rest of the world awakes.

watching the dark sky come alive with color. often in pinks + yellows.

i love the glow of my studio twinkle lights in the early morning darkness. but even more, the early morning sunlight.


the sounds of chirping birdies outside my window. and this time of year, watching the last flocks of geese fly overhead.

fresh + brisk early morning air.

i love waking up to see this face! he likes his snuggle time in the morning. :)


love love love the ability to heavily influence the outcome of the day, just by a little positive thinking. (it works.)

seek truth
art/jewels by the lovely catina jane
i recently re-learned something about myself, in that i absolutely love waking up slowly. so
lately, i've been conscious to wake up slow. even if i'm not sleeping in. heaven.


what is on your list?

while you're thinking about it - head on over here to see my dear friend's list of reasons she gets out of bed in the morning. she is my amazingly creative go-to person, and
i'm so excited because we've decided to help inspire each other to blog a bit more in 2013.

here's to more goodness to come.

hope you are having a beautiful week so far.


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  1. I'm def not a morning person, but I'm trying to start getting up earlier. You got some really great shots, though! Thanks for sharing. <3