Friday, November 15, 2013

Nurturing Creativity at home

As a girl who pours out her heart + soul daily through layers of brightly colored paint, I've learned how essential nurturing creativity is to my spirit. It's a way to rejuvenate, return to center, and make sure my inspiration tank remains full.

The idea of nurturing creativity begs us to answer all the important questions-
What is it that makes us come alive? Feel inspired? What ignites the spark within?
I promise if you sit long enough with these questions, you'll hear the faint whispers and feel the gentle pull towards what your soul needs.

 For me, infusing creativity into daily life looks like:

A few moments of quiet to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in my favorite mug
A long walk in the sunshine.

Being creative in a different way than I'm used to: like baking! This month my mom and I made pumpkin butter...sooo delicious.

Re-arranging, organizing, and spending time in my creative space. Allowing room to breathe. Allowing room to play. (I'd be lying if I said impromptu dance parties never happened here;)) 

I'm a firm believer that LIFE is ART. It's about slowing down, focusing in, and honoring the goodness and beauty that surrounds. From the clothes in our closet to the way we make a cup of coffee. It's all art. It's all there for us to be amazed at and leave us feeling inspired.

So pull out your notebook, and start brainstorming ideas! What does your soul need? What does nurturing creativity look like to you? I'd love to know!



  1. What stunning words and images. Thank you for taking part in the Carnival - would be great if you could add on the code or a link. Thanks

  2. This is beautiful... I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you. Lovely and a great comfort to know there are women out there like me!

  3. Your photos are so striking, beautiful and yum that pumpkin butter looks delicious eventhough I have never heard of or tasted it before!