Wednesday, October 24, 2012

october latelys

when i was young i wrote in a journal everyday. sometimes more than once a day.
over the years that has diminished significantly...but i still love writing down my "favorites", or "latelys" as i like to call them! are my october latelys:

loving: neighborhood bike rides with the hubby after work. mittens and hats are now a necessity.

watching: vampire diaries (just discovered how addicting this show is via netflix. it is just...sucking us in! haha. sorry for the lame halloween/vampire joke;))

wearing: the hubby's old cowboy boots + dresses. darling.

eating: waaaay too much halloween candy! i bought it for the trick or treators, dang it!

reading: thisthis, and this....but books? nothing at the moment. any good suggestions out there? i've been hitting so many dead ends with books i can't seem to finish!

painting: a beautiful poem by tyler knott...and foxes!

DIYing: a pine cone garland.  photos soon!

drinking: coffee. lots of coffee. mostly home-brewed. trying to save a little cash:)

getting over: the fear of telling people i'm an artist.

baking: pumpkin everything. pancakes, muffins - you name it. 

needing: a new camera(!!!!). yes, this is a NEED!

feeling: mostly happy. (there's always a little melancholy thrown into the mix this time of year.)

remembering: i am in charge of my own happiness.

i love looking back over the lists i've made through the years. they instantly take me back:). 

what are your latelys?


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  1. I am loving you "latelys" I think it is pretty amazing idea.