Wednesday, October 10, 2012

vine gogh

a saturday filled with art + friends + wine. need i say more?
well, to be specific, we drank the most delicious hard cider i've ever tasted.
have you been here? i'm telling you - if you haven't, it will be a day well spent!

oh, and it's located in the most adorable part of portland! mom and i have plans to visit again, and spend the whole day browsing around all of the amazing antique shops and such.
we don't make much of an effort to get up to portland, but that is definitely something i'd like to make a point of doing.



  1. oh, is that with that group Painting with a Twist? I adore them. Smart women mixing wine and art.

    1. it was so much fun, we are plotting our next trip there! the group paints the same image, but they all turn out so different, which is amazing!