Wednesday, October 17, 2012

your risk is worth taking.

i'm relatively new to the concept of risk-taking. it's not in my blood, and i wasn't born with it. i certainly don't have much practice at it. at my core, i'm much more comfortable with calculated decisions. safe choices. in fact, most of the decisions in my life until now, have been made this way. safely.

for the sake of financial stability. for the sake of making others happy. for the sake of a good impression. and on and on and on.

i can't say what has gotten into me in the past few months. but i've come to a realization that risk taking is absolutely necessary in moving closer to dreams. that i wont get where i need to go, if i stay on the sidelines of my life.

it's been a complete and total out of body experience for me; these risky decisions i'm making! i've had sleepless nights (you should see the bags under my eyes!). i've second guessed myself. i've cried (a lot). i've let others down. but can i tell you something? it gets easier. i'm learning that it's okay to take good care of myself. i'm learning that is what i should have been doing all along.

 last weekend was a great adventure, of the risky variety.
i spent 20 hours on the open road. traveled over 1000 miles. (i should mention, with the best road tripping partner a girl could ask for. we sang. talked until our voices gave out, about dreaming big. life. love. and just everything.)

stepped into a space where i was able to let go + be free. make connections. beautiful connections. met one of my favorite artists. learned so so much from her.

wrote a love note to myself.

 unleashed creativity.

 witnessed magic in the making.

 explored the amazing town of truckee, ca.

i love new adventures, don't you?
stepping outside of the comfort zone = brand new perspective.

my wish for you is to take the risk you've been thinking about. you'll never be sorry, friends.