Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lets make Love Rocks

Hello, friends! I am so thrilled to share this joy-filled project with you today. For years, I've enjoyed painting on the little rocks that I find on the beach, but last week, a dear friend and I spent an entire afternoon adding a whole new dimension by pasting paper, fabric, and found words onto them! It was the most therapeutic afternoon - spilling our hearts out onto these rocks. It is something I've become a little bit obsessed with lately - so much so that now, anytime a friend stops by my house I shoo them into my studio to create with me - it is that fun, fast, and easy! When we were finished creating these tiny masterpieces we drove into town and left them for others to find! I love the idea that just the right person will find the rock with the message they most need to see. Here is how to get started making magic: First, Gather your supplies!
You will need:
Rocks (These can be ones that you find in nature, or even purchased at the dollar store!)
Found words (I absolutely finding words and phrases from old books that I don't mind cutting up) Mod Podge

Next, let your heart guide your hands as you begin pasting color and messages onto your rocks. They can be as simple or as decorated as you want them to be!

Once you have a handful of rocks finished - it's time to start spreading joy! We left our love rocks on a bench overlooking the ocean, on someone's doorstep, outside of a coffee shop, on a staircase leading to the beach, with the barista who made our delicious coffee, on a picnic bench at a park, and in the grocery store parking lot...the possibilities are endless.


  1. Yes, what a joyful idea! Love the rocks and they'd be do fun to leave in places (or find!)

  2. Great idea and fun to do with friends! My son did this with rocks and his first attempts at drawing feathers with acrylics. He would paint them on the rocks and leave them on bus stops and other random places around on his way to work. :) Just found your blog from Julie and I'm so glad I did.
    Victoria, BC

  3. Great creativity with the rocks. Great work!! Ive got kids who can take inspiration from you.