Wednesday, June 15, 2011

abstract love

this weekend i was thrilled to spend a little quality time in a town close to my heart - yep, that's right: corvallis! going back flooded my mind with memories of college days. nothing like a little nostalgia on a sunday afternoon.

my mom and i had coffee at interzone while admiring Maggie Brock's Artwork. have you been there to see it? maggie is one of the coolest gals around, and so is her art. this is one of my favorites:

i believe it is called "geography". her etsy shop is in the works as we speak. cant wait!

here is my mom. isn't she cute?

this is a non-fat mexican mocha. the tables at interzone are all mismatched and retro. love them.

and to top off an exceptional day, this is what i saw on the drive back to mill city.


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