Sunday, August 21, 2011

dresser make-over!

 i painted this dresser in sixth grade. makes me smile to think back to the day i created it...i had just watching the movie 'she's all that'; where lanie boggs, artist and high-school outcast, totally and completely inspired me to paint.

for quite some time i had wanted to give this bad boy a make-over...and then, i saw this! - a project by kelly rae roberts. i fell in love. so i created one of my own.

i am still a little surprised every time i  walk into our bedroom. loving the burst of color and energy! (and those vintage-y knobs - can you stand them?!)


  1. you are so crafty. Even as a child, you had such awesome skills!

  2. This is adorable. I love your creativity and your willingness to try new things! I wouldn't have the guys to do this!

  3. Adorable! Do you want to come refinish my new antique sewing desk for me?