Sunday, January 8, 2012

my word for 2012

last year, i discovered a class by Ali Edwards called one little word. it changed life. (you really should check it out. amazing!) last year, my word was open. (you know, open heart. open doors. open mind. open eyes.)

i am quite certain if you listen hard enough, your word will choose you. this year, my word is create.
as in, create artwork. create meaningful relationships. create the life i imagine. create time for doing more of what i love, and less of what i dont. you get the idea?

i made this little baby to serve as a constant reminder of my word!
this is a process shot from last year, and captures mom and i in all our turned up, snacks out, surrounded by papers, scissors, glue, and sunshine. 

what is your word for 2012? do tell! 


  1. OOOh I like this idea. Im going to have a little think about what my word shoud be!

  2. Oh gosh I need a word also! I wonder if borrowing someone else's word is okay? Or having sub-words?

  3. Samantha, I think that is totally okay! And, a list of sub-words is the best idea. It is hard to stick to just one.