Monday, April 9, 2012

keep me in the light

monday + thrifted floral dress + sunshine + relaxing weekend = <3. 

this last weekend felt like absolute heaven. heaven! i believe it was due to a mixture of glorious weather, no travel plans, studio time, and a visit from the parents (happy easter weekend!).

late sunday afternoon the hubby and i went exploring the beautiful Shelburn Falls near Mill City. Soo unbelievably gorgeous. We loved the fact that there were hardly any other people out and about. The winding path leading to the falls was lined with blooming trees in white with a lovely, fresh fragrance. Plus, we saw a hawk! (we think this is my spirit animal. i see one almost daily.)

it was so nice to get out and adventure with the hubby. so often it feels like we do the same old thing - which usually involves me painting late into the night and him watching netflix. yep, i know this makes us sound like an old married couple!

how was your weekend?


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