Thursday, June 14, 2012

finish line

happy thursday to you, friends!

this week i've been resting. drinking tons of water. taking vitamins - anything, really, to try and kick this little bug that found me! not so much fun. i think i've mentioned before that my mind doesn't have an easy time being quiet?...makes it difficult when my body is telling me i need to slow it down for awhile.

last weekend, my little hometown came alive as we all joined in the festivities to raise money for our grange hall that is in desperate need of repair. there was a race saturday morning (hubby was first to cross the finish line- what a stud;)) and a dance that evening. these town dances are notorious for amazing live music (played by my uncle's band!), crowded dance floors, bonfires, and wonderful memories. there's something about dancing the night away that seems to make all the problems of the world disappear for awhile. :)

what have you been up to lately? here comes another weekend. hooray!



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