Thursday, March 7, 2013

to kansas, we go!

you guys. i seriously have the best clients.
with ideas for color + content that make my heart sing.
studio shot

it's such sweet music to my ears when they give me full creative authority, too...
and when they say they love the color pink. :)

i used to be timid when it came to custom pieces. that inner critic would really rear it's ugly head. 'they won't like it' + 'this wont look good in their house' were the thoughts that would keep me up at night. but you know what i found out? by silencing that monster. by really going for it. by showing up + committing, all the really when the good stuff emerges.

let go. be free. embrace.

wanna know something? every time i come in to the studio + start unleashing creativity like there's no tomorrow, pandora seems to know this. one song after the next, for hours, will be my favorite songs. no lie. this is always an indication to me i'm doing something right:).

i like to give myself positive reminders along the way, like 'let go, be free, trust the process'.


i love paper. and the act of ripping + tearing + pasting paper haphazardly onto a blank canvas.


when you stop to think about it, the whole process is a thing of beauty.


in the studio

this baby traveled all the way to kansas, last week. i can't wait to see it hanging in it's new home:).

 be the good.



  1. Beautiful! I love it when Pandora plays exactly what you want to hear :-) The pink in your painting is amazing!

  2. There is so much Joy in your art!

  3. Most critics DO have ugly heads and silence the monster.
    Enjoyed reading these words. Feeling inspired.