Friday, January 31, 2014

Painting while dancing to Lorde is my passion

Last week I moved into a brand new studio space. We now have a dining room again;)!
Changes like this thrill me. (A full studio tour soon!)
Lately, I've been getting settled and easing my way into new routines.

Also: painting while dancing to Lorde is my passion.
  Happy Friday, friends! xo


  1. lovely to have a space dedicated to just one thing you love especially.

    1. It really has made all the difference in the world! It's nice to be able to keep things messy/spread out as long as needed...even if company is coming over ;).

  2. Ohhh the colours that you've used... perfect!

  3. I love having my own studio space rather than the 'den', even if it is tiny! It's all art all the time, and it's all mine! With all the color I am seeing here onyour blog, your space will be beautiful! Wishing you many happy hours of arting! :-)