Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I used to be afraid of the dark.


I used to be afraid of the dark.

Now, I know that it is by traveling through darkness
one can really, truly begin to see the light.


My mama and I went together to get tattoos a few weekends ago.
(she got hope on her wrist!)

To me, the crescent moon is so many beautiful reminders
all wrapped into one.
Rebirth. New beginnings. Dreams into reality. And, best of all - that through darkness, the light comes into focus even brighter.

Sending light and love to you, friends.



  1. I needed to hear this reminder today. Thank-you.

  2. it's so beautiful. love the deep meaning behind it too. shine on! xo

  3. Oh yes and beautiful, I love the meaning and believe in the meaning and have lived and am still living it!!! YOu are beautiful inside and out!!! xoxo

  4. this is beautiful!

    i came across your blog because of your art journaling tutorial in a stampington newsletter and i fell hard. what can i say? i'm also a girl that loves to get her hands messy and coffee is like, my favorite thing so your "girl after her own heart" thing made me smile).

    coming to fully appreciate and integrate the dark *and* the light is so what my journey the past few years has really been all about and i just love your crescent moon, representing a similar phase for you.

    i have the symbol of the band "a perfect circle" on my wrist and have always loved how it looks like two half moons ;)

    anyhow, glad i found your blog. will totes be back for more!