Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the dreamer in me

We've got big changes on the horizon, friends.
There's a pile of boxes in the living room.
Artwork is coming off the walls that will need to be patched up and painted.
Belongings are being sorted through.
All that we don't need or what no longer brings us joy will be left behind.

The dreamer in me loves times just like this... nothing ahead but possibility.
But these periods of transition often leave me with giant feelings of overwhelm, too.
Somewhere deep down I want to know all of the details, already!

We are making a conscious effort to remain present during these last few weeks here.
In this house we made a home, (our first, as a married couple!) and in this little town in the mountains we know we will miss.

The sun came out yesterday and we rode bikes to the river and laid in the grass.
These are the moments I'll cherish forever.

Last weekend, we spent a day house-hunting.
I tried so hard not to fall in love with anything or to get my hopes too high...but I just couldn't help myself with this one.
The most dreamy views we could ever imagine!
So I'm putting all of my positive vibes out there and visualizing this little piece of heaven as ours.

Five minutes from the beach, but inland just enough to get out of the wind and feel the warm sunshine!

I'm excited to share the next chapter with you, friends.


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  1. Beautiful post. Simply and Absolutely. And just so you know, I am hoping that ALL of your dreams come true.