Monday, May 19, 2014

(spread the love) blog tour

My gorgeous + amazingly talented friend Jodi invited me along on a 'spread the love' sort of blog tour. I am honored to answer a few questions this morning and share with you a couple of ladies who inspire me daily.

So here we go!

what are you currently working on? 
I've been working on mini dream-catchers lately - it's been on my heart + soul to combine my love for paint with other fun materials like ribbon, beads, and feathers. There's nothing like mixing it up a bit to stay inspired and keep things fresh!

how does your work differ from others of its genre? 
I love to combine vibrant, bright colors with inspirational words, (often scribbled) in my handwriting. My work is spontaneous, sometimes messy, and straight from the heart. Most often I create the things I most need to see, or be reminded of.

why do you write/create what you do?

My need to create runs deep - every part of me craves it. I especially notice this if I've spent too much time outside the studio. I'm more 'me' if I've gifted myself the time of moving my hands + getting them messy with paint.

 how does your writing/creating process work?

Well, at this moment, my husband and I are in a huge transitional period. We have moved from our home in the mountains and are currently searching for the next place to call home - somewhere along the (Oregon) coast. I have a little temporary studio set up at my parent's house. I'm so thankful for this space!
My creative space includes twinkle lights + candles, fun music + something delicious to sip on. With a paintbrush in hand I begin responding to whatever colors I'm being drawn to. I love this process so much because I never know what I'll end up with - I've always loved a good surprise:).

Now for the fun part- these ladies below are sure to inspire you. I'm excited to pass along this blog hop to them!

Ashlie Blake

Catina Jane

Beth Morey

(be sure to stay tuned for their posts next week!)


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