Monday, July 21, 2014


Have you ever experienced something so incredibly amazing that days or even months later, you can still feel the experience, deep in your bones?

As I sit here typing these words, it's as though I'm a different person than I was one month ago. I'm in the same little loft studio as before, drinking more coffee than I should; the twinkle lights are plugged in as always, but my heart and soul have grown. They've seen and heard and been inspired more than ever before.

My mama and I took a road trip to Washington in June to see possibly one of the most amazing bands my ears have ever heard.

And as we stood there, I was in complete awe of these musicians.
Their passion. I could feel it- really feel it.

It inspired me to re-kindle the passion that was once inside me, from the little flicker of light that's there now, into a giant growing flame.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and remember why we started- and work on getting back to that place. Where the love pushed you to move forward with reckless abandon. Through the exhaustion, criticism, failures. Find the passion again <3.

When I listen to this music now, I bet I'll always be transported back to that hot summer night where I learned again the power of truly loving what I do.



  1. I feel the same way when I hear their music, and have only seen their concerts on TV, where you are still able to feel the passion they have for the words they sing. I haven't bought their album, but I am going to now. It sounds more inspiring than ever. And hope to one day get to see them in concert.

    1. Oh, this makes me so happy! I hope someday you get to see them in person. And I know you will LOVE their new album! Every song is my favorite...but number 7 - that one in particular is on repeat daily. The drums!