Tuesday, August 5, 2014

all of life is a gift.

it's my last day of 26 today!
as you might have guessed, i'm on a mission to savor each moment.

the arrival of august always sends a rush of happy through my veins. late summer + autumn, you will always have my heart. 

i've been carrying a little journal with me the last few days, and it is quickly filling up
with all of the things that make my heart happy.

cool air after a summer rain
midnight thunder + lighting
a feeling in the air of autumn on the way
laundry drying in the sunshine
the sound of the sprinkler watering mama's garden
sweet smell of blackberries drifting in the warm breeze
watching the hummingbirds chatter and play and drink from our plants
campfire lingering on clothes
painting outdoors
moonlit walks in the forest

i'm realizing more than ever, this truth:
with a grateful heart, all of life is a gift. <3

hope today is beautiful for you, friends!



  1. Beautiful, rich words and photos...
    I wish we could be real life friends!

  2. What a beautiful post. Hope you had a wonderful day, and cheers to you and 27. It only keeps getting better.